Volunteer Groups- please take pics of your event and email to Brett at bbarber@grimesowa.gov so we can share on website and social media.  We appreciate all your work done!

Volunteer Opportunities

Grimes Service Clubs
Grimes Lions Club-Addie Vance- grimeslionsclub@gmail.com
Grimes Countyline Kiwanis- John Streets

Grimes Volunteer Support Services- Jay Brewer- jay.gvss@gmail.com

Grimes Volunteer Groups/Contacts
DCG HS Key Club- Joanna Poole-joanna.poole@dcgschools.com
DCG HS Silver Cord-Cindy Bassett- cindy.bassett@dcgschools.com
DCG Student Council-Josie Morgan- jolie.morgan@dcgschools.com
DCG FOFA- Kathy Fortune- kfortune@theadigroup.net

Boy Scouts
-Terry Huss (Troop 171)- GrimesTroop171@gmail.com
-Steve Krob (Troop 171- Den 6)- stevenkrob@hotmail.com
-Eric Kamp (Troop 111)- ScoutMaster@Troop111Grimes.com

Girl Scouts
-Sarah Irlmeier-sarahgriggs@msn.com
-Lisa Eischen-eischen1982@hotmail.com
-Abby Snoberger (Troop 596)-abbysnoberger@yahoo.com

Grimes Heritage Society- Marie Hutcheson

4-H Clubs
-Darci Reggio (Blooming Clover Club)- darcilr@gmail.com
-Mandi Nelsen (Grimes Go-Getters)- mandinelsen@hotmail.com
-Carol Krois (Beaver Creek)-rckrois@hotmail.com

-Crossroads Community Church- info@experiencecrossroads.com
-First Presbyterian Church- office@grimes1stpres.org
-Harvest Bible Church- info@harvestdesmoines.org
-Lutheran Church of HOPE Johnston/Grimes- info@hopejohnston-grimes.org
-Marantha Baptist Church- mbcgrimes@gmail.com
-St. Peter Lutheran Church- stpeter@stpeterofgrimes.org
-United Methodist Church- grimesumc@grimesumc.com

Sports Clubs
-DCG Baseball Club- Scott Weydert- dcgbaseballclub@gmail.com
-DCG Boys Basketball Club- info@MustangBasketballClub.com
-DCG Girls Basketball Club- Board@DCGGirlsBasketballClub.com
-DCG Youth Tackle Football- dcgyouthtacklefootball@gmail.com
-DCG Soccer Club- Tyler Lyon- president@dcgsoccer.com
-DCG Softball Club- Ryan Anderson- dcgsapresident@gmail.com
-DCG Track Club- dcgtrackclub@gmail.com
-DCG Wrestling Club- Scott Fistler- s.fistler@gmail.com