Curbside Recycling

Collection occurs Monday if you are south of Highway 44 or Tuesday if you are north of Highway 44, every other week. The calendar sticker on the lid of the cart will help you remember which week is the collection week.

The City of Grimes participates in the Curb it!  Recycle and Roll Program. Grimes uses green wheeled carts and the small, handheld 18-gallon bins will no longer be collected.

Keep 3 feet between your recycling cart and your garbage cart and yard bags so that the truck arm has enough room to grab and dump the carts.

Set Up New Service

Recycling services are included when you set up your water bill as recycling and trash are included in your monthly water bill. To set up water service, please fill out this online form and contact City Hall with any questions at 515-986-3036.

Holiday Pickup Delay

Collection will be delayed one day for the following holidays when they occur during the week, not the weekend. For example, if New Year's Day occurs on a Sunday, collection will be on your normal day of Monday or Tuesday. If New Year's Day occurs on Monday, Monday collection will move to Tuesday, and Tuesday collection will occur on Wednesday. But if a holiday falls Wednesday - Sunday, collection will still occur on the normal days on Monday and Tuesday.

New Year's DayMemorial DayIndependence Day
Labor DayThanksgivingChristmas


2023 Recycling Calendar Magnet

What Can Be Recycled

Search for common objects in Metro Waste Authority’s Recycling & Disposal Guide and learn where they should go. 

Missed Collection

If your pick-up is missed, or if your cart goes missing, please call the Metro Waste Authority at 515-244-0021.

Cardboard Recycling Dumpsters

Do you have extra cardboard? The City of Grimes has two cardboard recycling dumpsters that residents can use to dispose of extra cardboard that does not fit in their recycling cart. These containers only accept cardboard and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please make sure to break down your boxes. The containers are located at:

  • 1700 SE Destination Dr
  • 901 NE Main St