Commercial Water Conservation

Conservation is everyone's responsibility, from community residents, organizations, and schools to small businesses, visitors, and corporations. Below are some tips on how businesses can conserve water:

  • Educate employees and visitors about conserving water. Place signs encouraging conservation in public and employee areas.
  • Serve water only upon request at restaurants.
  • Report leaks in faucets, toilets, and all other water fixtures so they may be repaired promptly.
  • When landscaping, plant or request the planting of native plants and arrange them in sections according to water and light needed. This minimizes water use and maintenance.
  • Make sure sprinklers are set to irrigate only in the early morning and/or evening when evaporation is minimal.
  • Check sprinklers to be sure that water is not being wasted on sidewalks, parking lots, or streets. Water should only be hitting lawns and plants.