Maps / Addressing

Map of Grimes  (PDF) updated: 2018

Grimes Zoning Map (PDF) updated 03/01/2019

Grimes Street Map Identifying Parks and Trails 2017 (PDF)

Grimes Subdivision Map  (PDF) updated 2018

Combined Utilities Map 2018  (15MB PDF)

Outdoor Warning Sirens  (PDF)

Grimes Address/Street Map  (PDF)  updated: 2/16/2010

Did Your Address Change?  (PDF)   updated 2/22/2010

Map Showing Major and Minor Address Changes  (PDF)

Grimes Inventory Map of Park Area and City Owned Property  (PDF) 

Grimes Alley Map 1 of 2  (PDF)
Grimes Alley Map 2 of 2  (PDF)

2019 Future Land Use Map  (PDF)

Grimes Trail Map   (PDF)

Grimes Channel Rating Map  (PDF)  This is a channel rating map that includes property flooding issues identified with the public questionnaire.