Permit Applications & Inspections

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Single Family/Townhome  Application   
Commercial Building Application  
Sign Permit Application  
Basement Finish & Additions Application Requirements
Pool/Hot Tub Permit Application  
Garage Application  
Deck Application Requirements
Accessory Building  Application Requirements
Fence Application Requirements
Sidewalk/Approach Application  
Fire Protection Systems  Application  
Driveway Not required Requirements
Trade Permits Application Reference Documents
Electrical Application  
Plumbing Application  
Mechanical Application  
Utilities Permits Application Reference Documents 
Metro Area Right of Way Application  
Board of Adjustment  Application Reference Documents
Interpretive Review Request 


2020 BOA Schedule

Special Use Permit  Application  
Variance Request Application  
Development  Application  Reference Documents
Site Development Application 2020 Development Schedule
Platting & Construction Plan Application 2020 Rezoning Schedule
Citywide  Application  Reference Documents
Peddlers License  Application  Background Check

Submit applications to:

To schedule an inspection, please call the Development Services office at 515.986.4050. 
Inspections must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. 

Please provide all of the following information when scheduling inspections: 
Contractor, Contact, Phone Number, Location/Address, Type of inspection

Additional Information

Water Quality Protection Information for Businesses
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
New Builder Utilities Application
SPPP Checklist Residential
SPPP Checklist Commercial
Metro Cold Weather Concrete Policy
Carbon Monoxide Alarms