Wallace Farm FAQ

What has been happening at the Wallace Farm?

The City acquired the land west of Sunny Hill Cemetery known as Wallace Farm in 2018. The City originally intended to construct a water quality feature upon the property. In 2021, the City Council prioritized the development of plans to create a community gathering space that paid respect to the agricultural history of the property. City staff and a number of community stakeholders have been working with Confluence Landscape Architecture and Planning on a planning exercise that has resulted in the development of a concept plan for the park.


What will happen to the existing buildings?

In light of the state of the property and the City’s desire for an open and flexible gathering space, City staff have solicited bids to deconstruct and remove certain structures from the site. Efforts will be made to preserve building materials and certain structures during the deconstruction process.


What will be in the park?

The park will be constructed in a number of phases as funding is allocated. The initial phase of the park will include large green spaces and parking. Future features will be announced as funding becomes available.


How will elements of the farm’s history be preserved?

The park will be designed in a way that not only respects the history of the property but honors our town’s agricultural heritage. The grain bins and wood from the barn on the property will be preserved and saved for future park elements.


What will happen at the next City Council meeting?

At the June 14th City Council Meeting, the City Council will vote on a resolution that authorizes staff to move forward with the design and construction of phase 1. This will include approving a bid for deconstruction. Future phases of the park will be prioritized by the City Council as funding becomes available.


When could the park be completed?

Staff anticipates that the first phase of the park may be completed as early as summer 2023.