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League Schedule- TBD

League Rules- TBD

League Standings


 Registration starts March 1 at 7pm ONLINE.
Dates: Wednesdays, April 1 - 22, 2020 CANCELLED
*Deadline is March 25 at 12pm.

7:10pm or 8:10pm


Must be at least 16 years and older to play.  Max of 4 teams.

Cost: $60 per team


Free Agents- Those wanting to play but not on a team.  Email Brett at . If enough, a free agent team will be formed and fees collected.

Grimes Community Complex at 410 SE Main Street in Grimes, Iowa 50111

Registration: Click here to Register Online
Supervisors: Grimes Parks and Recreation Staff
Contact:  515-986-2143

Max of 4 teams.  Non-officiated league with participants calling their own game. Rec staff will be on hand to keep score/fouls.  This is a for-fun league with standings.  Games run approx. 50 minutes. All 6on6 girls basketball rules apply. 

Six-Player Rules
-Players are allowed two dribbles.
-Players are allowed 6 fouls.
-No tie-ups outside of the lane.
-No crossing the center-court line. After made baskets, a referee would bring the ball up the floor and inbound it to a forward at midcourt.
-No handing the ball off to a teammate. Must pass. If a hand-off occurs, then this is a travel violation.